What keeps us at the Cutiing Edge?

Our people are our best strategy

We have found that being able to create a sense of true ownership in those who work with us ensures that there is a constant hunger to grow, across the organization. It quite simply means that we ensure we are, at any point in time, rearing leaders within the firm, who are able to spearhead the firm into growing at the rate that we have been. We have retained our skill sets over the years to man any and all critical projects. Our Project team therefore commands some of the highest skill sets and enjoys among the highest rewards in the industry.

Customer first approach

Our focus is firmly on the client.

Given the fact that retaining customers is the basis for future work, our approach to Customer Service is as simple as it is critical to our business:

The customer requirements and expectations have to be fulfilled and exceeded where possible. This translates to continuous support and response time, which are not compromised on. It works being pro-active rather than reactive. Past projects are examples of how this attitude helps. The customer's problem is our problem. Retaining customers is not just an objective, it is a fundamental strategy that allows us to cut marketing and associated cost and provide unparalleled quality of service to customers. Our strategies are the result of listening carefully to customer feedback. We understand how important it is. In a market where the options are so many, we aim to be the automatic choice for a customer.

Consistent delivery

The design is born of Creativity. Rest is process driven.

Our deliverable are correct, consistent and improvement oriented. Our design and documentation goes through an internal review system which filters out errors, translating into precise and relevant deliverable every time.

We have retained our staff over years with an innovative wealth sharing program. This has resulted in retaining talent, directly translating into better resources for such critical projects. With avoidance of error at the heart of our system, we achieve quality every time in a highly inconsistent industry.

Experience counts

Over the past 40 years we have worked on various projects and industries, which has given wealth of knowledge and experience. Our stringent design documentation process ensure that we record and analyze lessons learnt from projects. These inferences are routed back into the system at the design stage for future projects. ensuring that every project is richer from the experience of the previous one.

This results in each delivery being a little bit better than last one.